Campus Ministry

CFi Investment Funds

Donation Of 500,000 Naira To CFi Investment Fund Project (Canteen) In 2016.


Operation Agape

Donation Of 100,000 Naira to Operation Agape (Orphanage Home Based In Kaduna) In 2017.


Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Endowment Fund Invested With Redefining Excellence 14th Dec 2018 (N1m @14.5%).


Medical Trip

Donation of 108,750 Naira to Support Medical Trip to South Africa in 2019.

Creative Arts

TRP All Stars

Donation of 550,000 Naira to TRP all-stars Music Album Project 10 (Manifest) in 2019.


Scholarship Funds

Scholarship Endowment Fund in Church of God Mission School (Educational Centre) Woji.


Platform 12

This is a 300-capacity multipurpose Hall to use for FREE at the formative stage of young ministries. This is usually time-bound so that others “called”  could also benefit.  We are involved in this aspect because we think it is one of the several barriers that prevent people from making the most of their potential.